TVInsider: ‘Suits’ Showrunner Aaron Korsh Previews Louis’ New Role, Darvey & the Return of an Old Foe

TVInsider: ‘Suits’ Showrunner Aaron Korsh Previews Louis’ New Role, Darvey & the Return of an Old Foe

Revolving bosses. Major exits. Huge arrivals.

The legal drama Suits has undergone more alterations than Harvey Specter’s Tom Ford attire — and expect even more tweaks in the second half of Season 8. We deposed showrunner Aaron Korsh for answers to our burning questions.

How insufferable is Louis Litt, now the new managing partner?

Aaron Korsh: Not as bad as you’d imagine. “There’s going to be an adjustment,” Korsh says of the eternal underdog’s rise to power. Instead of immediately annoying everyone, Litt (Rick Hoffman) will be more low-key out of the gate… after his hilarious first-day victory dance, of course.

Who is Donna’s new man?

Grimm’s Sasha Roiz recurs as Thomas Kessler, a longtime client who clicks with everyone’s favorite COO (Sarah Rafferty). “He’s likable, he’s funny, he’s caring, he’s handsome,” Korsh says. “I like what he does for Donna.” But how does her on-again, off-again flame Harvey (Gabriel Macht) feel about this coupling? Hints Korsh, “It definitely impacts him.”

Will Sam (Katherine Heigl) and Alex (Dulé Hill) play nice now that they’re both name partners?

That’s an affirmative! “Samantha and Alex get along very much in these episodes,” assures the executive producer, adding that the tension between the pair ricochets onto fellow lawyer Katrina (Amanda Schull) because of her decision to help Alex discredit Sam’s client last year.

How long can Harvey get away with bending so many rules?

Ticktock, buddy. “Something he did last year comes back to haunt him,” previews Korsh, who reveals that Donna discovers the deed and makes a decision that will rock her most important relationship. “It leads to the ultimate conflict at the end of the season, in which we see an old foe reemerge.”

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