The Ladies of Suits – Meghan Markle, Sarah Rafferty, Gina Torres – Chat About Season 2

The Ladies of Suits – Meghan Markle, Sarah Rafferty, Gina Torres – Chat About Season 2

Last summer’s hit summer series Suits returns for season 2 this Thursday at 10/9C on USA Network. The lovely ladies of the show – Meghan Markle, Sarah Rafferty and Gina Torres – sat down to answer a few questions about how the women are getting a bigger role in the show this season, what we can expect from their characters and more.

On what the spin-off (with just the ladies) would be called

Meghan: I know the girls; we all joke about [how] the spinoff will be “Skirts.”

On what we can expect from their characters this season

Meghan Markle: I would say that [the writers are] definitely developing Rachel and Louis’ dynamic and a lot more of Rachel and Donna’s friendship, which is a lot of fun. I think that they’re playing off of the friendships that we have in real life and just sort of letting that come to light on the show.

Sarah Rafferty: Well, I was surprised to find out that Donna – who I like to say is always right, and I enjoy that aspect of her – she’s not always right. And I have to stop right there but it’s big time. [In] episode five she totally gets it wrong. And I think that’s incredibly confusing to her. I think she’s just always been right, always dotted all her t’s and crossed her I’s. But she’s really, really thrown by something that happens and then it doesn’t really resolve for a few episodes. That kind of lingering confusion and doubt and remorse are there.

Gina Torres: I think like any good television series, like any good show that’s written well, there’s a slow reveal. Once we understand that we hooked you, we don’t want to give it all away. And yes you do see evidence of that I think with everybody on the show this season. There’s another layer that is revealed to Jessica. You see a little bit more of her interior life and so you can only hope that more of that is exposed as the season goes on. We do we get to see a different part of Jessica. We get to see her shaken up a little bit. There’s a white-hot spotlight on her at the moment and there’s a lot going on.

On the ladies having more of a lead role this season

Meghan Markle: Yeah, I mean we’ve been lucky, I think, from the onset. They write so well for the women that we have a lot of layers and they’re all strong and, you know, Donna knows everything, but I think definitely this season. I have yet to have a scene last season or this season with Jessica, so maybe there’s something in store there to play with, especially as Rachel’s becoming much more involved in the firm and the cases to a greater extent than last season. But I think definitely we have a lot of fun.

Sarah Rafferty: I’m just excited about the way the women interact, and about the way the women are written on this show. I just think they’re strong and multi-layered and complicated and real. I’m going to be excited to dive into that with Meghan, with my real friend Meghan. That’ll be cool.

Meghan on how Rachel is different this season from last season

Meghan Markle: I think [in] the pilot, Rachel is a lot more hardened than she is at this point and I think that vulnerability came out mostly because of Mike Ross. I know in this season – because we’re exploring the other friendships that she has with Sarah Rafferty’s Donna and, of course this new dynamic [in the firm] – we’re meeting a lot more of who she really is. I would say just trying to find a way that Rachel can become a lawyer, which is my hope for her, at the firm, but also just, you know, that she’s more open to love, to friendship, to being vulnerable in a way that we didn’t see as much last season. So it’s kind of exciting for me.

Meghan on how steamy things might get between Rachel and Mike this season

Meghan Markle: We were just laughing about the promo they have out – “It’s ON. It’s so ON.” I’d fangirl over this show even if I wasn’t on it and I get so excited to see what’s coming up. So I have no idea how they’re going to keep it interesting, but they do. We’re lucky. We have the best writers and Aaron, of course, our creator, is just amazing. So we can keep playing this cat and mouse game until who knows what will happen, but I’m certainly team Rachel – though I’m partial.

Sarah on what will be happening at Pearson-Hardman this season

Sarah Rafferty: The balance of power gets thrown off [this season]. I think for Harvey and Jessica that it’s complicated and everything becomes so much more political and so much more delicate and you have to really try to understand where people’s allegiances are and that kind of thing. And I think Louis’ character is caught in that in a way that’s really dynamic.

Sarah on the relationship between Donna and Harvey and whether she’d like them to get together

Sarah Rafferty: Oh God, I don’t know. I don’t know if that would be – that might be a jump the shark thing. I think anything’s possible. I think we have learned that there might have been something so I think that leaves the door open for that door to open or for that door to slam shut. So I leave that to the powers that be. It would be really awkward for Gabriel and I because we’re like best friends from 20 years ago [and] our kids are best friends. We laugh as it is like when we have serious scenes; we’re just laughing. It’s a long day when we have to talk to each other seriously. It’s almost easier to do comedy with each other than drama.

Sarah on the fashion that Donna gets to wear

Sarah Rafferty: Yes I get excited about it. Jolie, our costume designer is amazing and she actually has like her own line of clothes and jewelry and she has such a great eye and I feel like I’ve learned a lot too about how to dress. She always says “this frames you up, this frames you up.” She picks beautiful things, and things that are right for the moment; for what’s happening emotionally in a scene. It’s important that they match, you know?

Gina on whether or not Jessica will ever care for Mike the way Harvey does

Gina Torres: I think so but we have to be careful about it, as I think the writers will be. I believe one of Jessica’s strong suits is that it’s very clear that her respect has to be earned. She’s not just taking on anybody on the whim – there’s too much at stake. The stakes have been established as being very high this season. So if that happens – if and when that happens – I think when it moves from amusement to caring and respect, I think it has to be very well-earned.

Gina on the possibility of getting more into Jessica’s love life this season

GINA: Oh wouldn’t that be great? She’s in the office all the time. On one of the red carpets last season, I joked that Jessica was finally going to get some. Hey, she’s tense! [LAUGH] Just call it what it is. But yeah it would be nice. You know I kind of tease Aaron every season or second season, “so are we building her house this season?” We’ll see, we’ll see. It’s got to be worth it. You know it’s got to be somebody good. I mean I don’t think anybody would buy it if Jessica had somebody just kind [ordinary].

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