Sarah Rafferty: 5 Reasons She’s a Change Maker

Sarah Rafferty: 5 Reasons She’s a Change Maker

Vogue Greece and Kathimerini are organizing the second international conference Change Makers – Fashion: The Road Ahead at the Athens Concert Hall on November 8. Actress Sarah Rafferty, everyone’s favorite Donna Paulsen from the series Suits, will also take the stage. A woman with strong activist action who fights for women’s rights, supports medical research, raises money for important causes. We certainly have many reasons to listen to the journey of a true star who inspires with her work.

We’ve put together the top five reasons why we consider Sarah Rafferty a genuine changemaker. Secure your seat here to hear it.

She uses her power for activism by raising money to support important causes

Sarah Rafferty uses social media and all mediums to energize the public around activism. She talks about women’s empowerment and girls’ rights in developing countries.

Participates in fundraising supporting Alzheimer’s

Sarah Rafferty has worked with the Alzheimer’s Association many times, raising money to promote medical research.

Launch the ChangeTheBirthStory campaign for women in Ghana to access public health and sexuality education

After her trip to Ghana and after meeting little girls, she launched in collaboration with Plan Canada the ChangeTheBirthStory campaign, which aims to empower women to secure their rights.

She spoke publicly about the position of women and racial stereotypes in a country like the UAE

As a guest of the Global Skills and Education Forum in Dubai, she spoke about the image of women on television, the importance of women’s access to education and breaking down stereotypes.

As a member of the NGO When We All Vote, he activates campaigns on the importance of voting

Through her Instagram, she supports the When We All Vote campaign, emphasizing how important citizen power is and why everyone should vote.

Secure your place here to hear Sarah Rafferty.

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