Character: Dr. Casey Matthews
Episodes: S01 - E05, E09 and E12
Original airdate: April 18, July 11 and August 1, 2003
Episode title: Flora or Fauna, Graboid Rights and Water Hazard

Flora and Fauna: After two scientists are burned by acid, Burt and the others discover a bizarre animal/plant hybrid growing in the valley and hurry to destroy it before it spreads seeds.

Graboids Rights: Protesters swarm Perfection, demanding the inhabitants to leave because their presence is supposedly harming El Blanco. El Blanco is behaving very erratically indeed. One of the protesters turns out to be Nancy’s daughter, Mindy.

Water Hazard: Following several mysterious deaths at an artificial lagoon Melvin is making in Bixby, it is discovered that a giant brine shrimp, created by MixMaster, is on the loose.