My Life With The Walter Boys

Character: Dr, Katherine Walter
Created by: Melanie Halsall
Written by: Ali Novak
Release date: December 7, 2023
Episodes: S01 - E01, E02, E03, E04, E05, E06, E07, E08, E09 and E10

My Life With the Walter Boys is a Netflix serie centered on Jackie Howard (Rodriguez), a 15-year old Manhattanite who, following the loss of her family in an accident, has to learn to adapt to a new life in rural Colorado with her guardian — and 10 very rowdy boys.

Sarah Rafferty’Dr. Katherine Walter is a veterinarian by trade (and an artist by choice). Katherine is warm, kind, resilient, intelligent and capable. She is the mother of 8 kids – 7 boys and 1 girl. Katherine used to be best friends with Jackie’s mother — and promised to always be there for the family, so when Jackie’s parents died, Katherine was named her guardian. A woman who is comfortable handling all kinds of chaos (including the emotional kind), Katherine is sometimes a bit overwhelmed by the extent of Jackie’s needs but is determined to meet them.