ETOnline: Sarah Rafferty and Patrick Adams talk about Mike Ross coming back to Suits

ETOnline: Sarah Rafferty and Patrick Adams talk about Mike Ross coming back to Suits

Will fans be seeing the return of Mike Ross in the final season of Suits?

Patrick J. Adams, along with Meghan Markle and Gina Torres, departed the legal drama at the end of season seven. But after it was announced in January that the ninth season would be the show’s last, could there be a possibility of seeing Adams return as the hotshot lawyer?

“We’re trying to figure it out and see if it’s possible. I hope so,” Adams, 37, told ET at the Good for a Laugh benefit at Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles on Friday night. “With schedules and other work that’s coming along, it’s just a scheduling thing, but I’m hoping so. It depends on the story they write. They gotta figure it out, and if they even want me. You’ve gotta ask them.”

“I’d love to make it work if I could,” he added.

Adams’ former Suits co-star  Sarah Rafferty also admitted to ET during the event that she is “absolutely” trying to recruit him for the final season.

“We can’t wrap it up without Mike Ross, right? It’s really important,” she said, later adding, “He’s down for it. Well then, the cat’s out of the bag. I hope I can talk him into it tonight. I will give him a little tequila and get him to write it down. Pinky swear. He’s a man of his word, I think he’ll do it. We can’t say goodbye without him.”

“I also really hope that he comes back to direct,” she also expressed about Adams, who directed the drama’s 100th episode. “That would really mean a lot to me. He’s an amazing director and you feel really safe [with him].”

As for where Rafferty would like to see her character, Donna Paulsen, end up, she told ET that “there’s so much pressure to think about wrapping it up.”

“My real wish for the final season is that — we’ve been on this journey for what will be nine years — we’ve had this amazing group of fans who have stuck with us through it, and I hope that what ends up happening is, however we leave it, these characters get to really live on in their imaginations and in ours,” she explained. “It’s really because of them that we’ve been able to take flight in this way. So I hope they keep thinking about these people. I know I will. They’re a part of me.”

She also joked that she would “require a prescription” to be able to “say goodbye” to Donna and her co-stars.

“It’s going to be so hard. I can’t complain,” she stated. “Who gets to be on a TV show for nine years? I really love playing Donna, and I’ve really loved getting to know her, and I’ll miss walking around in her shoes and definitely in her clothes.”

Last month, Suits creator Aaron Korsh told reporters during the network’s Television Critics Association press tour that they were going to be getting back into the writers’ room very soon. He, however, was still figuring “out what we want to do.”

Korsh also confirmed that they would not be asking Markle to “leave her position with the royal family and join us.” “I would love it but I think it’s pretty close to zero,” he said of her return.

Meanwhile, Friday’s event, put on by Thomas Sadoski and Amanda Seyfried, benefited two organizations, War Child USA and INARA, for children whose lives have been devastated by war.

“What these causes are doing is incredible. They work from right inside the communities,” Rafferty said. “So it’s great to be able to shine a light on them and celebrate the work they’re doing, and learn more about it.”

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