6 Best Quotes From The Set of ‘Suits’

6 Best Quotes From The Set of ‘Suits’

ETonline was recently invited to the Toronto set of Suits, where I hunkered down in one of the ornately decorated Pearson Hardman conference rooms with a handful of other reporters to chat with stars Patrick J. Adams, Gabriel Macht, Gina Torres, Meghan Markle, Sarah Rafferty and Rick Hoffman about the upcoming third season!

Previously Hoffman had told me season three is really about “trust, distrust, deception and deciding what’s more important: loyalty or personal gain?” And while all the actors echoed similar sentiments, each had a unique take on the most exciting part of the still-shooting season.

So I compiled the 6 best quotes from my Suits set visit!

Patrick J. Adams on Why Mike Stays At Pearson Hardman:

“I just really want to stay employed [laughs], but mainly I don’t think he has really anything else that he wants to do. But it does bring up the bigger question which I think is gonna have to come up over the course of this series, which is, What is his game plan? Because I don’t think Mike wants to be Harvey Specter. I don’t think Mike is looking to be the biggest winner. He clearly cares about people and wants to be in a relationship and probably wants a family of his own. He’s not the the lone wolf that Harvey is.”

Gabriel Macht on This Year’s Flashback Episode:

“Harvey doesn’t sleep with anybody he works with, and we’re gonna learn why. You are [also] gonna learn about the origin of the corkscrew. You’re gonna learn a lot more about that [laughs] And I’ll tell you this, when we did the first read through, all of us, like, our eyes popped out and we were like, ‘Whoa, what is… what did we do in that?’ [laughs] Then they had to like, really clean it up.”

Rick Hoffman on The Arc of Season Three:

“Last year was like everybody dealing with leverage. This is more of a personal [season with] everybody’s personal battles, how their allegiances are challenged and how strong [their desire] is to stay or detach themselves.”

Meghan Markle on The New Wrinkle in Mike & Rachel’s Relationship:

“The cat and mouse game came to an end. [Now they have] to figure out how they can navigate this relationship secretly in the firm. For the past two seasons, Rachel’s worked so hard and her Achilles’ heel is that things seem to come so easily for Mike. So within the framework of a relationship, I don’t know how you get through that. I like that they’re finally connected, but I can’t imagine that’s not going to play a big part into her still trying to become a lawyer [and] getting into a good law school.”

Gina Torres on Defending Jessica:

“What is so wonderful about Jessica as a character — and her character — is that she recognizes and admires true strength and authenticity. So she would never turn on Mike, per se. She absolutely understands where he’s coming from and [that] he has every right to feel the way he did. From Jessica’s perspective, obviously, she was doing whatever she had to do at that moment in time to get it done because they had all conspired against her. I hate to keep bringing that up. I didn’t shoot the first arrow. There’s this old saying that we have in the Bronx, ‘Don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing.’ And Jessica’s that girl. She goes ‘I’m over here running my firm, minding my own business and I’m going to do what I have to do. But if you’re going to come after me, be prepared.'”

Sarah Rafferty on Digging Deeper:

“What’s great about season three is now, after everything that was established in season one and two, we can just dig deeper into the personal lives of all the characters. There’s gonna be a lot going on in Rachel’s personal life and Donna’s personal life. They need girl time. And I’m so glad that we established in season two that they were pals, so that then they can work stuff out with each other going through in season three. [But] because initially Mike is really in the penalty box, Donna has to make it clear that she’s on Harvey’s side. So that’s hard for Rachel and Donna.”

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